Sidgwick Lecture Theatre, Cambridge


University of Cambridge




Main Projects

Key Features

Refurbishment of the Grade II listed Sidgwick Lecture Theatre to return outdated teaching spaces to the required standards.

Removal of asbestos and contaminated bitumen adhesives from all twelve lecture theatres, supporting rooms, and plant rooms.

Re-roofing works to improve the insulation for better thermal performance. Scaffolding and hoists were erected, and a temporary roof was built to protect the building from the winter weather.

Full M&E strip-out and replacement, working within the listed building constraints. Included a full LED upgrade, updated AV and Assisted Hearing systems, and new lecture capture facilities.

Heating and ventilation systems were also replaced with more energy efficient models. A dedicated Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery and Cooling system was installed on the 3rd floor to combat the extreme temperatures whilst a custom Air Handling Unit located in the fourth-floor plant room serves the remainder of the building for ventilation.

Walls repainted and the listed features, such as woodwork, internal and external doors, lecture theatre benching, acoustic timber panels, metalwork, stone flooring and windows, restored.

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