Supporting our Local Foodbank

Supporting our Local Foodbank

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Bedford Foodbank supports people in need by providing donations of food and household products. Founded in 2004 and supported by The Trussell Trust’s network, Bedford volunteers work to provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to anyone who may be experiencing a crisis.

The foodbank van, which is used to collect and deliver donations, is no longer fit for purpose due to general wear and tear. SDC heard of the challenges the foodbank would face without transport and offered to replace the van, to ensure the charity can continue its inspirational work.

As a surprise for the volunteers at the foodbank, SDC employees filled the van with donations. These included items on the foodbanks ‘wanted’ list, but largely consisted of tinned goods, Christmas chocolates and puddings, soap and anti-bacterial cleaning products, toiletries and baby supplies.

To handover the van, a small socially distanced ceremony took place this afternoon. Francis Shiner, SDC's Managing Director, drove the new van to the foodbank and passed the keys to Sarah Broughton, Project Manager at Bedford foodbank.

SDC hopes this donation will allow the foodbank to continue to support the local community over the festive period and beyond.

To donate or volunteer, please visit Bedford Foodbanks website to find out more.