Sherwood Project Atlantis

Sherwood Project Atlantis

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Nestled between the trees at Sherwood Forest stands a new addition to the Center Parcs portfolio, the Tropical Cyclone water ride.

Constructed under the codename Project Atlantis, Tropical Cyclone is the largest interactive four-person raft ride in Europe. The ride twists and turns for 125 metres, whilst the rider experiences gravity-defying drops throughout. A choice of 4 different themes offers riders a brand-new audio visual experience.

SDC revamped the Subtropical Swimming Paradise to incorporate a family water play area, Venture Harbour, which features slides and giant tipping buckets. A toddler splash zone, Venture Bay, was also created and contains a toddler pool and water spouts.

The project was undertaken with guest activities taking place on all sides, thus, minimising disruption was important. Aside from the usual ways of reducing environmental nuisances, control measures included placing camouflage netting around the boundary to partially obscure views of the site and establishing a material storage area on the edge of the forest. The latter not only helped reduce the number of vehicles travelling through pedestrianised areas, but it also enabled materials to be sent to SDC for safe storage as soon as they became available – an important point since products were delivered from an international supply chain.

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