50th Event 2 – Poppy Assault

50th Event 2 – Poppy Assault

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The second event in SDC’s year of celebration took place on Sunday, 7 November. After a long drive for most, and a blustery walk through the flags to the events village, the toughest of you took on our Poppy Assault!

Participants huddled round and the Army Cadets led a group warm-up. The runners then lined up at the start, and the event officially began! After the first wave took off, more and more participants and spectators made their way into the events village and prepared for their run of the course. With waves leaving every 20 minutes, there was no shortage of keen athletes departing from the starting line ready to tackle the course.

The Poppy Assault consisted of a cargo net crawl, tyre run, inflatable obstacles, wooden beams to climb over, and hay bales. The runners charged through the water obstacles. Some ran through with the water splashing at ankle height, and those under 5ft had to wade through deeper water, whilst trying not to fall over or lose a shoe in the mud! Cadets were stationed around the track, shouting encouragement – army style – and making sure everyone gave it their all.

The inflatable obstacles were a challenge in themselves, with some people struggling to climb up, and others bounding over. Little did they know, our photographers were waiting at the bottom of the slide, ready to catch their worn-out elated faces as they slipped, tripped, and fell down the slides!

Medals were handed out at the finish line, and the competitors went back to the events village for some well-deserved food and drink. 

SHEQ Director Cy Philp then took to the stage. Starting with the spot prizes, Cy handed out a £100 Amazon voucher, a 180-piece drill set, and a bottle of Champagne. Cy then thanked the army cadets and employees from SDC for all the help provided on the day, before presenting the event sponsors, Whelan & Grant, and Craft Interiors, with a medal for the Poppy Assault. 

Cy then handed over to Sam Fisher who is part of the Royal British legion riders, supporting the serving and ex-serving members of the British Armed Forces. Sam gave a huge thanks to SDC and a few closing words, and the cold and wet participants went home to warm up!

Photographs from the day are available HERE.

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