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16 Mar
Added By Sam Woolston

On Wednesday 8th March four representative from SDC (Katie Lower, Luke Thomas, Tom Dixon and Sam Keeble) took part in the annual CIOB Novus Bright Student Challenge. The event, held for student members, young professionals and industry newcomers, allows groups of four to take part in a series of tasks, testing their practical skills, creativity and teamwork.


The Great British Iconic ‘Build Off’

The challenge was split into three parts, the first of which was The Great British Iconic ‘Build Off’

The task was to design and build an iconic structure that could withstand a water spray and high wind test, with points being awarded for iconic status, aesthetics, structure, sustainability, planning and height.

The contestants had ten minutes to plan the construction, understand the characteristics of what makes a structure identifiable and ensure its sustainability. During the design stage the team took the concept of reviewing successful buildings around the world such as, The Shard, Gherkin, Lloyds, Burj Khalifa and Eiffel Tower.

Next, the groups were given twenty minutes to construct the design out of the materials provided, which included cardboard, straws, wooden sticks, plastic cups, bottles and other wrapping material.


Quiz & Knowledge Test

The second section of the challenge was a three part quiz, testing the  participants on their knowledge of the CIOB legacy, architectural trivia from around the world and anagrams of words within the construction industry. The final task was to put nine buildings from across the globe in chronological order in which they were constructed.


What is the Construction Industry To You?

The concluding part of the contest was a presentation to the CIOB Board on ‘What is the Construction Industry To You?’. The remit of the demonstration was to create a speech aimed at 13-16 year old's encouraging a career in the construction industry, with the focus being on six key phrases – opportunities, progression, career prospects, knowledge, valuable person, legacy. The teams were give twenty minutes to prepare and present their ideas on the subject.


And the Winner is……..

Following the three challenges, the judging panel presented the SDC team with first place. They will now go on to take part in the final competition held in London on Wednesday 22nd March to compete with other regions throughout the UK to be crowned ‘Novus Bright Futures Champions 2017.’


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